C.E. Event 1 and Test N Tune

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C.E. Event 1 and Test N Tune

Postby Deriak » Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:23 am

Reminder that this is the weekend of our first Test N Tune on Saturday and 1st Event on Sunday. So pre register before Thursday at Midnight!

A few things I wanna make clear for this year.
There has been a few issues that the tire manufactures have not released all tires available for 200+ tread wear. So I will make an exception for those drivers who cannot buy because of availability to run the same tires from last year 140+ tread wear. I will allow this til up to May event. By then, all tires should be available according to rumors and that should give all drivers enough time to save up to get new tires. When we get closer to that time, we will look further into it to make adjustments.

Street Touring: section 14
In particular, some leeway in the area of bodywork
allowances (e.g., wings/spoilers beyond those allowed in Section
14.2.F) is encouraged at SCCA® Regional Solo® events.

There was a big issue with this last year. We are not at a national level. We have new members who have previously modified their cars prior to learning the rules of class when coming to one of our events. Body kits, spoilers that are not intended for competition purposes, fenders, and certain applications of carbon fiber/fiberglass hoods will be allowed in Street Touring. Drivers who understand the rules and have the experience to put in to place modification for an advantage, I strongly suggest that you do not abuse this leeway. Remember, we are here to have fun.

Pro Class:
Signing up for a pro class will not effect your pax for the particular class. Pro class will run together in the same heat, preferably in the afternoon but may be subject to change on case by case basis. Pro class will have its separate awards at the end of an event only if there are 3+ drivers in that class. As far as allowing only 3 runs to count per event, those who sign up in pro will discuss about weather we will allow 3 runs only or not.

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