July 2016 Jax Solo meeting

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July 2016 Jax Solo meeting

Postby TeamFRD » Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:21 pm

Thanks to Chase Helm for the notes!

Meeting Minutes:
Attendace: In person: Ronnie, Randall, Satya, Buck, Chris, Christian, Kyle, David, Ben, Chase; On Phone : None
Last Event:
-Went very well despite some small axware issues.
- 34 people registered the week of
-Radios caused some delay with the start of heat 1 and some of heat 2; Kyle to try to fix before next event.
-Not many people stayed to help do trailer packup, continue to use as late worker assignment when no test and tune
-Normal jump box did not work, had to use Kyle's, Buck to rectify for next event
-Oil light on generator on, Buck said we changed the oil in January.
-Kyle patched the trailer roof at last event, should not leak anymore.
-RA equipment still trying to test, possible sell to Dixie region.
-Build rack for fire bottles, for storage in the Burb.
-Continue to use monitor to display timing, look into long VGA cable to move from resting on the trailer to a "mounted" position elsewhere, stand pending...
-Speaker was not loud for all to hear, will try and use FM transmitter for next event.
-Batteries for bull horn needed at drivers meeting
-Made about $200 this event
-David and Chris to look at trailer and truck insurance renewal and addressing. Chris to ask Bobby if its okay to use the airport address as its "garaged" address
-Firm has deposit paid
- Checking has $xxx, MSR has about $xxx pending payment,
-Make sure tag stickers are on tags for truck and trailer before traveling to the FIRM
Next Event:
-New format: 3 day runs 3 nght runs, combined best of the 2 heats to be "total time". Chris see if axware can handle, if not Excel.
-Food truck was discussed, but decided to order Pizza for everyone.
-Police informed this year?
-What so we call the event? Ideas still pending.
-Post on Facebook to see if people can bring more canopies for shade for day heats
-Add to MSR to bring flash lights for each driver
-JaxSolo memebers get first dibs on registration them open to all SCCA members, Limit 50 drivers
-Course design to be simple, Christian will post for approval pior to event
-Buy more chem lights (old ones have been in trailer for a year not sure if they work)
-Ask Bobby if grass can be cut lower or soon before event.
If I forgot somehting let me know.....

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