Feb. Jax monthly meeting

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Feb. Jax monthly meeting

Postby clark » Wed Feb 17, 2016 8:23 pm

Feb 17, 2016 - Jax Solo Meeting

ppl: Buddy B., Jeff C., Buck C., David F., Chase H., David L., Tyler L., Christian S., Nick S., Chris W., Grant W., Kyle Y.


1. Feb event results and take-aways
2. Financials
3. Equipment Status
4. March event details
a. Early bird pricing
b. Food vendor
5. Stickers
6. Any other business

1. Feb event results and take-aways
Event went great, ran smoothly, got out early. Will continue with 9pm gate closure & $10 upcharge for late checkin
Course dots helped setup

2. Financials
Made ~ $500 from Saturday

3. Equipment
Get a sign saying “SCCA here” for Amelia gate #1
Backup power -- backup generator? UPC charged.
Timing light covers -- Buddy to bring.
Sell old stuff on ebay -- Buck/Kyle to inventory it sometime (@ FIRM?)
New flags? - we only have a few, and those are getting ratty
Fire extinguishers? - 7 or 8 are good - Buck to check for exact specs
Truck/trailer just got brand new tires, since theirs were dry rotted

4. FIRM event in March
MotorsportReg ready to go, just waiting on pricing decision:
- 40/50 (same price as Amelia) takes 95-105 to break even
- 45/55 takes 80-90 to break even
- 50/60 takes 55-60 to break even
------- final choice: Offer early bird discount for prereg/prepay: 40/50 between now and March 1, then bump up to 50/60

Food - will contact Pie Daddy’s ASAP to check their availability
Grid - 2-driver cars and congestion discussed
Suburban/trailer -- Claytons to drive it down, Jax Solo to cover their hotel
Trophies -- # of trophies will be determined by # signed up by March 1

5. Stickers
- Jax Solo - $5 each (donated by Claytons)
- SCCA Life - $10 each (5 to club, 5 to Claytons)
- Buccaneer Region stickers - the club has some available

6. Other Business
Mobile payment options -- Square vs. Paypal? Keep accounts to a minimum and stick with Paypal? Less costs as well. Chris will look into it. Note: must hook into someone’s phone, will need cell service, etc.
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