Jax January Meetings

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Jax January Meetings

Postby TeamFRD » Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:15 pm

Saturday 1/23 @ 9 AM -- JaxSolo - Trailer Work Day -- XII Performance L.L.C. in Kingsland, Georgia

Not sure if this works... FB event...https://www.facebook.com/events/971208362995131/

Sunday 1/24 @ 11 AM -- Jan 2016 SCCA Jax Monthly Meeting
Autobahn Indoor Speedway - Jacksonville, FL in Jacksonville, Florida

FB event...https://www.facebook.com/events/495168030654221/

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Re: Jax January Meetings

Postby clark » Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:51 pm

Minutes from the January meeting (held at Autobahn Indoor Speedway):

Adam B., Buddy B., Ben B., Justin B., Buck C., Chase H., Tyler L., Christian S., Gene S., Amber S., Nick S., Kyle Y., Chris W., Nelson A. (phone), Jeff C. (phone), David L. (phone)

# of drops for the year
T- modifier
Backup Power Options
Grid Pattern @ Amelia
Course Creation & Maps
Ideas to send 1st car out sooner
Annual Tech
Pro Class
Novice Class

Tire Class:
If we can determine how to make AxWare play ball, we'll keep people in their real class (example: XP) but still give them the PAX advantage (TXP). If we can't figure out how to do this in the registration system, we will create a separate Tire class.

Drops for the year:
After an initial discussion, we considered increasing the number of drops on the year from 2 to 3. In a vote of 8/7, 2 drops won.

Trophy Ideas:
Custom Poker Chips which can be kept as a trophy or redeemed for cash value at registration. This combines "trophy" with "coupon."
Stick-on vinals for cars -- we can hand out 1st/2nd/3rd Place stickers at each event for people to collect and show off. SCCA Club Racing has something very similar which we can check for availability.

Novice Class:
Previously we have kept a separate Novice class which new autocrossers can compete in for their first season OR until they win said class at an event. The downside is that all the novices are combined for coursework at the same time, and very few seasoned autocrossers are out there with them. Similar to the Tire Class decision, if we can track them in the system somehow while keeping them in their regular class, we will. Otherwise it'll be an informal and manual process.

Ideas to help novices:
Lining the course with flour - disadvantages: extra setup time, equipment costs (minimal but non-zero), and potential for added confusion.
Parade Lap - disadvantages: extra time and typically unnecessary.
Riding with an Instructor before they drive -- instead of asking the novices to request ridealongs, we'll put the onus on the instructors. Volunteers will allow people to ride with them on the first run of the day, and then followup with the novice to ensure they're safe and having fun.
The novice walkthrough is also an important part of the day and will be continued. It is here that a lot of the scoring and safety oddities are reviewed (aside from a course walk explaining how to read the course and what to expect when driving.

Backup Power Options
We'll check our UPS to ensure that a loss of generator won't leave us helpless.

Grid Setup
Kyle has an idea of lining up differently which will save us some room. We'll try it at the 1st event.

Course Design
We'll request the course designers submit their designs before the event so they can be printed and available at the event. Lately, MS Excel has been used for course creation; the Excel sheet has even been marked where we need to dodge some of the worst spots in the asphalt.
The courses at Whitehouse were done in AutoCAD by Bill Leuthold. Jeff Clark has those files and will try to get them into PDF format for future reference (or request it from Bill).

Timeline of Autocross Events
Goal: streamline the day to start and end sooner.
Method 1: encourage (or require) people to preregister and prepay. This will allow the work assignments to be determined ahead of time and people can receive their assignment as soon as they register.
Method 2: close gate at 9am, period.
Method 3: $10 "late fee" for people who register after 9am.

Annual Tech
Will be handled at the first event

Test N Tune
It would be nice to throw one. Perhaps a Saturday/Sunday weekend with a TnT followed by the event. No plans set yet.

Pro Class
It was almost unanimous that Pro Class this year will only count their first three runs. The rest (they'll be able to drive as many as everyone else gets) will be marked with "many" cones (exact number to be determined) so they essentially don't count. This will help them prepare for national competition where you only get 3 runs. This will also help level the playing field, since everyone else will have twice the chances to get faster throughout the day. It's just one more way to differentiate the Pros from the Joes.

First Event
February 13 (Saturday) at Amelia Island. Registration is open on http://www.motorsportsreg.com. Sign up and let's kill some cones!
Jeff Clark
STR Miata

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