C.E. Oct meeting

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C.E. Oct meeting

Postby Deriak » Thu Oct 15, 2015 3:35 am


The end of the year awards, we will have top 3 in Pro class and top 8 in overall pax be recognized.

This year was a test to see how the Pro class worked. I feel it was fairly successful. The only issue we have is the people who are competing in this class are most of our Safety Stuarts and Timing people. We ran into a couple of issues where we had no experienced people running timing. We are still working on getting more people trained on the computer. Due to this, we may not run Pro class next year.

Points for Event 10 Coastal Empire and SCR:

We want everyone to feel they contribute to the event regardless of how your skill is. We will be using everyone best pax time from each group and average it out. We do understand that this may not be in C.E. Favor, but in order to even it out, Next year we will have 1 event of ours count as a points event at an SCR event in Charleston. At the end of the year we will take both event points and either add or average them out to have a final winner and present them at our last RRR event.

Award Banquet

End of the year Banquet will be held in Jan. exact date is still in the air. If you have any suggestions on local places that will hold around 30 people for a banquet, contact me and I will look into it. Also, due to financial reasons, there will be no entry fee, but food an beverage will not be provided. There will be door prizes and trophy awards.

Next year Schedule

We are going to be looking into possible getting 12 events for next year. If so, there will be 3 dropped instead of 2 for those who can not make every event. RRR dates are May 7th and Nov 5th. Other dates have been put in but not official yet. Most dates will be either middle or end of the month besides the RRR events.
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Re: C.E. Oct meeting

Postby clark » Fri Oct 30, 2015 4:15 pm

Deriak wrote:RRR dates are May 7th and Nov 5th.

So, 3-way Shootout in November, with North vs South vs Carolina?
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