Jax Solo - October meeting

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Jax Solo - October meeting

Postby clark » Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:23 pm

Date: October 14, 2015

Location: Boyter house & conference line

    Buddy Boyter, Ivy Boyter, Amanda Clark, Jeff Clark, David Flescher, Nick Soriano, Grant White, Kyle Younger

Training day: 17 ppl who will be able to help more at events

Last event = 51 drivers. 17ppl at cost (training day attendees) $300 profit. Smooth operation, no big hiccups.

Upcoming event = state championship!
At the FIRM
Registration open at motorsportsreg.com
30 preregistered already, >100 expected
20 shirts preordered already
Shirt design: looking good. Buddy will make weekly shirt orders as the come in - not screen printed, so no extra setup costs.
Course layout: need to submit to David Steger (regional safety steward) ASAP for approval. Kyle and ash to work on course design. Trailer location discussed and determined.
Food: not provided by the FIRM, must bring our own. Local Bbq catering options and food trucks discussed - Tony's friend Pie Daddy will probably be used, so get ready for some pies! (Check out their Facebook page for info)
Early workers will be hand selected. Many will be needed to make this event run smoothly.
7am early workers start. Gates open at 8... Drivers meeting at 9:10, first car out by 9:45
Prepayment required for registering. No walk ups. MAKE SURE THIS IS CLEAR TO ALL INVITEES.
Prepare heat and worker assignments beforehand so the morning of goes smoothly.
Trophies: minimum order is 30 to get lowest price.
Secondary display
Wifi - live timing
Trailer to FIRM -- hotel Friday night? Can the Claytons bring it?

Possible sites for next year:
Paving Amelia!!??????
St Augustine sans signs?
No more Gainesville. The FIRM is the same price and no hassle (much like Bobby @ Amelia in the regard).

Money: staying approximately even, which is great considering all the new equipment lately...

Need new radios soon -- down from 20ish to 12. Expecting ~200 each... Will be needed soon. Maybe this year, maybe next. This is the only big expense in our sights.
Jeff Clark
STR Miata

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