Jax Solo - September 2015 meeting

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Jax Solo - September 2015 meeting

Postby clark » Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:07 pm

September 9, 2015 - Buddy B, Ivy B, Jeff C, Kyle Y, Buck C, Amy C, Grant W, David F

Note: buddy to talk to bobby soon about oct. event for city approval

Buccaneerregion.com domain having email problems... Emails with attachments aren't going through... It has been a headache trying to email ppl because they're not getting the message. It seems to have only affected the Jax solo chair email address...

Next event: Gainesville: 57 preregistered. Martin @ firm Saturday. Nationals, etc... Causing lower turnout than normal. Potential issues: weather, parking... Will be the same course as we have done before. Start on the "inside" and end with the S on the outside (more room for straightening out before grid). Reverse of 1/20/2014 FB post. Early workers to arrive at 7:15. No trophies - 50 was the cutoff.

Buck cleaned out the suburban this week. Wahoo!

Another suburban key received - the club will lend it to bobby.

State championships - $500 deposit delivered to FIRM. Motorsportsreg for registration? Buccaneerregion to host, David Hunter to be in charge of the internal "marketing" between clubs - he'll be needing more info soon. T-shirts - buddy/tony/buck discussing (3 cars, outline of Florida, etc).

Last event - night event - 46. Rain, po po presence... Tempered the excitement but it went well overall...

$2500 checking ($3300 last month) - truck/trailer insurance and firm deposit reduced it.
Mm not touched ($9500)
Slightly positive from last event ($375)

Timing lights worked well at night but need a rain cover. Buddy will 3d print one (Kyle offered to make it out of beer cans).

Course design software from sccaforums - Kyle downloaded but hasn't used yet.
October training day - can paint a grid if the weather permits.

Elections - sat & nick have nominations/votes. Nobody else has stepped up yet... We really need a treasurer at the very minimum. Financials are a necessity.
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