2016 JaxSolo Leadership Nominations

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2016 JaxSolo Leadership Nominations

Postby BudUSMC » Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:21 am

So it is that time again, man has 2 years flown by. It is time to start the nominations for next years leadership for the JaxSolo SCCA club. To vote you will need to log into our registration site and there is a link right in the middle of the page that says "JAXSOLO LEADERSHIP NOMINATIONS AND VOTING"

You will have to verify your SCCA membership number and then you can either vote for people that are already nominated or if you would like to nominate someone new, you will need their SCCA member number. Please make sure you talk with the person you want to nominate to make sure they are willing to do the job.

We would like to see all 7 seats filled like we had the last 2 years. Here are the positions and explanation.

Solo Chair: Currently Buddy Boyter
This is your solo club leader, the "chief of chiefs", rule and decision maker, and supreme commander. This person reports directly to the Buccaneer Region Board of Directors and is responsible for attending all BoD meetings.

Asst Solo Chair: Currently Buck Clayton
The #2 person, the "right hand man" of the solo chair. This person will aide when the solo chair cannot.

Treasurer: Currently Ivy Boyter
The money person. This person is responsible for sending in payments to the national office after each event (or as we're billed), paying rental fees, reimbursing people for expenses and uploading financial documents to the club accountant.

Secretary: Currently Jeff Clark ... Sometimes
The scribe. This person is responsible for taking meeting minutes and publishing them online.

Registrar: Currently Amy Clayton
The points person. This person is responsible for keeping and posting points for the class and pax championship.

Chief of Tech: Currently Adam Neylans
This person is the primary contact for all things tech inspection. They are responsible for keeping up to date on all the latest rule changes and organizing tech inspections at the events.

Chief of Equipment: Currently Kyle Younger
The quartermaster. This person is the primary contact for all the club's equipment, maintaining and storing when not in use. This includes the vehicle, trailer, timing equipment, etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions, remember if no one is elected then the club no longer exist. If you would like to help the club get even bigger and better then it currently is, jump in and take charge.
Henry (Buddy) Boyter
2005 Lotus Elise - #7 SSP
2014 JaxSolo Chair - Buccaneer Region SCCA
2013 JaxSolo Buccaneer Region PAX Champion

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