Jax SOLO July 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

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Jax SOLO July 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Postby BondXII » Wed Jul 08, 2015 7:24 pm

Meeting started at 7:10 PM.
Next event “Mid-Year Showdown”
- 32 preregistered by “cut off”
- Trophies ordered for classes
- Metals ordered for PAX winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
- New wireless timing works as designed
- coordinating with company to get wireless display to talk to system
- hoping to have ready by next event
- Novice trophies discussed
- decided to wait for next season since we are half way through current season
- Last event made $703.00
- Elections coming up for 2016 season
- Discussed the importance of having a full staff and not just a Treasurer and Chair
- Breakdown of the rules currently held.
- High importance of “secretary” position to ensure minutes are taken and posted regarding monthly meetings.
- October potential “training day” as we are not having a N/S Shootout this season
- Saturday will not run an event. Training for setup and close out only.
- Sunday event at discounted rate if attended training day.
- Potential other location than Amelia for training. Potentially Autobahn??
- State Championship
- using the night event to get a good look at cars to ensure that the cars are “legal” for the class participating at the State Championship
- discussed examples of DQs from national events
- annual techs from SCCA regions will be allowed for event. N/A for non-SCCA regions, such as FAST or Martin
- what roles we have for event setup, vice the “coordinators”
- Night event
- discussed FAST copying us
- different options for “lighting” cones
- current condition of track after Bobby has sealed larger cracks and periodic sweeping
- using Kem-lights for course workers to see them chasing cones
- ensuring that vehicles at start line have their light off (if capable)
- Other items
- Sling Shot or other 3-wheeled vehicles potentially allowed for SCCA events. Still waiting approval.
- Difference of customer service with areas. Gainesville…no help other than ensuring track is available. Amelia…bends over backwards to ensure we have what we need.
- Ideas for course layouts at Amelia
- Went of topic, talking about cars…
Meeting concluded at 8:10 PM.
Buck Clayton
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