June Jax Solo Meeting

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June Jax Solo Meeting

Postby clark » Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:03 pm

Attendees: Buck, Amy, Kyle, Jeff, Amanda, Sat, David, Grant

Event #5, next weekend:
about 40 preregistered (recently up from 30).
New timing, bugs worked out and ready to go. Display not tested yet - will be done the morning of event. Worst case scenario: we'll shift to the wired system if this doesn't work right.
Official SSS: ??? (Buddy wasn't on the call)
Christian & Jeff: course design.

Overall financials: no data for last event specifics (slightly positive $$).
Expenses: Track rental has been approximately equal to SCCA sanctions through the year.
$4800 in the bank; should be enough for the rest of the year.

Points system: Recent Facebook discussion where people voiced opinions on the current scheme. It was voted on at the beginning of the year, and nobody at the meeting has a major complaint. If you don't like it, drive faster! Next year, another system can be voted in.

Equipment: what's not been run over is working well :)

New leadership positions: need to spread the word for nominations. If anybody mentions wanting to get more involved, give them a job to do.

State championship: date reserved at the FIRM. Anything special? T-Shirts! We haven't had them in a while, and they're great to remember the day. A slightly higher event fee can cover it.
Grid/paddock: new location.
Start/finish: don't necessarily have to be right next to grid (wireless)...
Chief of tech, course, grid, etc.... One person can't do it all. Buck will try to get a State Championship Panel together.
TV/ announcer/ wireless timing - good for big events like this.
How to get the word out to the rest of the state? Publicity won't be a problem...
Camping / rv's at the FIRM?
Food vendor?
# of portolets? Will wait until a more exact number of ppl sign up.
Jeff Clark
STR Miata

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