Info to finish CE#8 Event

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Info to finish CE#8 Event

Postby Deriak » Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:26 am

Almost finished adding in all the times. I need some info people left out in order to get your times in. If I didn't tag someone, please either tag them in the comments if you know them or contact them somehow. Thank you

Classes and numbers who I have but no name to go on them:
818 SM

Registered but did not show, you will be getting refunds if you prepayed via paypal:
Grant Togobo
Ron Apt
David Dreezer
Lazaro Laz Fraga
Justin hoyt

The following have preregistered, but not sure if they showed up or not. If you did show up, you didn't fill out the paper work. Please give me your Car, Class and number you ran so I can input your times in. Also message me your Address, Email, phone # for the weekend membership form. OR just your member number and exp date. Who ever drives in 818 SM has to be one of these people or someone completely off the records
Waiting on confirmation on these people.
Chris Balvanz
Travis Smith
Jerry Lingefelt III
Joseph Hale
Leonard Gousha
#90 STF --- yaris

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