JaxSolo Meeting 7/9/14

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JaxSolo Meeting 7/9/14

Postby BudUSMC » Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:11 pm

July meeting of the year. At Buddy's house (PM, email or call for address); we'll do pizza, BYOBeverages. I'll have conference line open by 7pm.

Number: 866-769-3487
Participant code: 6649092

Discussion Points

1) Upcoming Event #6 - NIGHT EVENT!!!!!
2) Financials
3) Equipment Status
4) General Discussion
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Re: JaxSolo Meeting 7/9/14

Postby clark » Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:35 pm

Mental notes from tonight's meeting:

The last event ran very smoothly and we netted $400 from the day.

The LED (LCD?) timing display is getting fixed right now, and might not be back for the next event. We're unsure just how much the repairs will cost, but it's goes be less than buying a new display outright.

The July event is gonna be a hot one. We'll pack extra water. We have tried to contact various food trucks with no luck; our group size is just to small to make it worth their time to come out...

Bobby @ the airport is looking into a couple different mods: gravel parking to increase our usable paved area is #1 on the list. #2 is paving am alternate road into the airport that wouldn't cross the active runways, so we can come and go as we please. This second option won't happen until next year at the soonest.

Buck and Amy are working on fixing the old generator, which will be necessary for the night event in August.

Details for the August night event:
* Capped at 40 drivers
* Must be an SCCA member
* The cost will be higher... I forget exactly how much... Maybe $45? Don't quote me on that.
* Everyone is an early worker - we have to add reflective tape to the cones, set up the course, and walk the course while it's still daylight.
* Everyone brings their own flashlight fire working the course.
* There will be chem lights for course workers, red flags, and key cones (start, finish, turnaround, etc).
* Just 1 car on course at a time for safety and ease of scoring (don't have to read numbers, just # of cones hit).
* Registration will open approx 1 month before the event... There has been a LOT of attention to this event on Facebook because let's face it, it's COOL! But we'll be working out the kinks of running an event like this and don't want it to be anyone's first impression of the club. If all goes well, we'll plan a second night event and try to accommodate a bigger crowd!
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