CE Trophy coupons

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CE Trophy coupons

Postby Deriak » Thu May 08, 2014 6:37 pm

For those who didn't stick around after the clean up. This event I tried a different way to give out trophies.

Here is a list of people who have coupons redeemable at any of our events. A couple of these are from last year.

If you know anyone and can get in contact with them, forward/share/link/talk/text/call them and let them know to come out and collect your coupon.
Just ask Don Johnson, Laura Johnson, Derrick Taylor, Dan McCormack, Nishant Patel, Micheal Ball, Ron Apt, or Jonathan Dove. One of us will find it and hand it to you.

Some have multiple coupons and are noted next to the name.

Ben Hughlett (2)
Stuart Kestenbaum (2)
Marty Bull (2)
Joe Gerdom (3)
Steve Seale (last name isn't clear but 2013 1st place Rookie 4/7/13)
Keith Coyle
Tom Thompson
Nichole Reed
Vince Bray
Thomas Costanzo
Brendel Belamide
Eddy Gutievrez
Michael Lugwig
Dave Chalk
Brian Barclay
Scott Hurley
Reese Remy
Brian Arcudi
Patrick Cammack
Michael Ball
Brian Nixon
Brian Blake
Jonathan Dove
Mathew Nelson
Brandon Jones
Thomas Guillo
James Fawlkes
Alan Fischer
Michael Williams
Nishant Patel
Lee Walls
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