New Fasttrack posted

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New Fasttrack posted

Postby clark » Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:40 pm

I just got an email about the new Fasttrack, the monthly update from the Solo Events Board (rule changes). ... y-solo.pdf. It's nice to read because it keeps you abreast of rules you might have not known. Like the following, for instance:

Per the SEB if a cone has been damaged by contact from a car such that it no longer stands on its base (for example, when its conical section has been torn off), it is considered a penalty regardless of whether any part of the base remains within the line. It should be noted that the cone penalty section is not among the mandatory sections of the Solo Rules, so Regions are free to administer such items as needed at their local events

There seems to be a big update to B-Mod classing... maybe it's all just in the wording.

OK, not so much has changed, but I wanted to notify members in case you didn't get (or just didn't read) the email.

See y'all at the next event!
Jeff Clark
STR Miata

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