FIA/scca roll cage?

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FIA/scca roll cage?

Postby sprinterae86 » Sat Jan 10, 2009 11:11 pm

I just found this after it was put to my attention and I am still doing some more research about it.

"dentsport02-07-2007, 08:01 PM
There are a lot of intricacies in choosing the right cage. For one, the Safety (I don't think you meant Stand, they make suits) 21 is a steel version of the Cusco which is Cr-mo. The Safety 21 cage has only 2mm of wall thickness. Just because the cage is used in some time attack car doesn't make it safe. The standards in Japan are very relaxed. The bends on the two brands are identical. The cages are both NOT legal for SCCA, NASA, RALLY AMERICA, and most time trial clubs because they lack:

Diagonal bar on main hoop
A pillar bars are bent around dash making them into a crush zone
The tubing is 1.5" which is too small in diameter for cars over 3000lbs by popular rules.

Things get more confusing when considering a true competition cage. By anyone's standard the FIA spec cage is the epitome of safety and design. Well, not by SCCA's new standard. The SCCA has told us directly that they might not sign off an FIA cage for road racing as the door bars may not be legal, add to that T45 (the UK cr-mo equivalent) isn't recognized or automatically approved by SCCA standards. (this conversation pertained to road racing) we have had no issues and heard of none with FIA cages and Rally America.

What you'll need to have is a 1.75" main hoop, diagonal bar and harness bars and most likely 1.75" diameter on the rest of the cage with a .120 wall thickness made from DOM tubing. That's Drawn over Mandrel. That and having the local tech steward come inspect your design layout and then inspect during the build process to make sure that you're not running astray.

T2 rules are more complicated for SCCA than other classes as the new NASCAR door bars are being mandated, but not according to every steward I've talked to. They won't approve t45 here in New England even if it's FIA approved.

I have a custom cages FIA cage that isn't FIA anymore because I changed the design a little bit on my own knowing that I wouldn't need to fall back on FIA standards to get me through tech.

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Re: FIA/scca roll cage?

Postby djsilver » Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:05 am

Just to clarify, 1.5"x.120" DOM is now legal for a roll-bar in Solo, Solo Trials and Track trials. It hasn't always been so but the rules that required 1.75" for track trials changed sometime last year I think. They now all require 1.5 x.120 for cars over 1500lbs. The tricky part is that the Solo rules advise against ERW tubing but don't disallow it but the Track trials rules only accept DOM tubing. Also, the Solo rules specify the roll-bar must stay within the passenger compartment. That would keep me from running the back-bars to the rear shock towers in my 240sx coupe but the same design would be legal in the fastback version. If you install a roll-cage, the GCR rules apply.

Here's a link to an old discussion about the differences in rules between Solo and Track Trials on sccaforums;

I remember this well because I got a good deal on a used Autopower cage for my 240sx on Fleabay that was advertised as 1.75" but when it arrived it was 1.5". The seller took it back no problem but if I had kept it it would have been legal now. I ended up buying a new one through IO Port Racing that was 1.75" only to find out afterwards that the rules had changed while I wasn't looking :oops:
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