BOD Election Ballots

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BOD Election Ballots

Postby pfrazier28 » Tue Oct 17, 2006 7:57 pm

Everyone should be receiving (if you haven't already) an election ballot in the mail. If you are in the North Chapter (everywhere outside of Florida), then you will receive a North Chapter ballot, and can only vote in the North Chapter election. The same goes for the South Chapter, only....South!!

Please send in your ballots. It's very important that your voices are heard, and that you elect someone that will make sure that happens.

I invite all the candidates to post a little something here on the forum, so that the membership will have some info to use in their decision. If I can get another issue of the newsletter out in time, I will include some bios in there, as well.

Thank you for your time.

(no, I am not endorsing any particular candidate...just vote!)
Paula D. Frazier
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Postby KAAAB4 » Tue Oct 24, 2006 4:49 pm

For those that don't know me by name I would like to put one with the description that is used most often at the track. "Go find the big, tall guy with the black hat and grease on his hands". I am T. Andrew Blaske. On any given weekend, and a lot of weekdays, you will find me hovering around Roebling Road helping one car owner or another or just taking it in. I am also recognized by my camoflaged Marine SPO that I just retired. My passion is auto sports. As a matter of fact, if it has wheels and an enigine I have an interest. My experience ranges from go-karts, dirt late-models, asphalt super late-models, of course road racing along with a demonstration of skill :lol: in a Ford Excursion at a SOLO event. The SOLO guys rock!!! My experience in people and facility management stem from being part of upper management at many different air traffic control facilities to include repaving projects and grounds keeping. I have attended most of the board meetings this year as a "fly on the wall" Buccaneer region member. I am a hands on member of this region, a tech inspector, and would like to represent the Northern chapter on the Board of Directors. Your vote is appreciated and your voice is important.

Semper Fi !

T. Andrew Blaske
Crew/Car Chief of the #1 SPO SAARC Champion 2006
Car Chief/Builder of the SIC #47 IT7 Champion 2006

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